Calfreezy, wearing his Calfreezy merch. This hoodie belongs to the Calfreezy krox merch collection. Calfreezy sells his krox hoodies on his website and promotes it on Calfreezy instagram, Calfreezy Youtube and Calfreezy TikTok. Calfreezy also had a podcast with Chip, whilst filming he wears his Calfreezy Merch.


Calfreezy is a lifestyle creator whose videos often revolve around cooking, pranks, challenges and sport/fitness, he currently has 4.1M subscribers on his YouTube channel. Calfreezy is a top flight football influencer who travels the world to see some of the best players in the game up close and personal. He also co-owns, “The Fellas” podcast with Chip.

Calfreezy has a merchandise collection with Upload Merchandise – his latest collection was the “Krox Pizzeria” merchandise selling thousands of items to fans!

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