A busy start to October!

Upload Agency has had another successful and busy week! Last week, the team has delivered several noteworthy and impressive campaigns with popular brands.

LDN Movements has just signed a 3-month partnership with Sneak Energy, an energy drink company that works with a number of our creators. LDN Movements will be promoting Sneak across many of his channels, but predominantly through his YouTube!

Chunkz has recently partnered up with Myprotein. Following his incredible weight loss, in this new series, Upload’s very own Chunkz will be cooking regularly with the help of fellow creators and My Protein’s VIP guests. In the most recent collaborative video, Chunkz and fellow creator VIDDAL were let loose in the MyProtein kitchen for their recent cheat day! The video is available to watch here https://lnkd.in/gqu-wT5B

Chunkz also got into the spirit of “National Taco Day” with Taco Bell to serve free menu items to customers visiting the Baker Street store in London!

Creators Wroetoshaw and AJ, have teamed up with Honey this week, both creators promoting them on their latest YouTube Videos.

Konstantin has partnered with Adobe to host an edit contest for his subscribers. In his latest YouTube video, Kon reacted to his subscribers’ entries. You can watch it here https://lnkd.in/gyCe99MR.

SV2 also has a monthly partnership with Myprotein. He spent his latest video promoting their products and offering a discount code to his subscribers.

Both TwoSync and Manny have partnered with famehype and have their own personal online stores, selling PlayStation and Xbox top-up cards available for fans and customers to purchase!
You can view the stores here: https://manny.gg/en/ https://twosync.gg/en/

As a creator first agency, our main goal is to align creators with the ideal brand to create successful campaigns. An amazingly busy week for our creators and us here at Upload Agency!

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