A week at Upload Agency

We are almost halfway through October and Upload Agency are as busy as ever!

Marz is promoting CyberGhostVPN on his latest Marzbarvlogs video encouraging his subscribers to follow the link to sign up. You can watch the video here – https://youtu.be/07z7luNtw5o?t=276

Bambino Becky is working with The Gut Stuff, where she is giving away 1000 boxes of The Gut Stuff bars for people who download her “Bambino Becky” pass. Becky is one of the first creators to work with a brand like this and is going to be doing lots of giveaways for her followers in the future. You can see below https://twitter.com/bambinobecky/status/1445758117220806657?s=20

TwoSync have partnered with Gillette to promote the new King C Gillette Stylemaster. TwoSync created two IG story slides and a two-hour stream to promote Gillette’s new product. The stream involved them shaving their overgrown facial hair live!

Creator SV2 has joined the brand Danone, encouraging his young fans to sign up to the Danone Nations Cup via a dedicated video and IG story slides from EMAN.

SV2 had also partnered with NOW tv to promote their new quality control feature. The feature makes suggestions for users based on their streaming habits!

Many of our creators have teamed up with Spotify to promote their new feature ‘Find the one’ which matches listeners with their perfect podcasts. Spotify matched Sharky with his perfect podcast, That Peter Crouch Podcast! https://www.instagram.com/p/CU2zjcrMxVG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

We are proud to be working with amazing celebrities and brands over the course of the year here at Upload Agency!




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