Chefasylum featuring Chunkz and Bambino Becky

Uploads talent Chunkz and Bambino Becky feature in the all-new season of Chefasylum by Footasylum alongside Jack Fowler and YoungFilly, where the four go head-to-head for their latest challenge, a cooking challenge.

In this hilarious series, Jack Fowler, Becky, Chunkz and Filly will take it in turns cooking for each other, whilst being asked questions from the others. The stars will then be scored out of ten for their creativity, presentation and overall taste of the dish.

It’s Filly’s turn in the first episode, head over to Footasylum’s YouTube channel to watch it!

Read more about it here –

Our team were at the shoot, see behind the scenes shots below! #ChefAsylum

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at the Footasylum shoot.




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