Rockstar Energy – Chunkz and Randolph

Rockstar Energy has recently revealed their all-new “Rockstar Hustle Collective” line-up. The line-up stars two content creators, Randolph and Chunkz, as well as singer-songwriter and presenter, Chelcee Grimes. The brand new and creative campaign aims to shine a light on and celebrate young hustlers around the world. 

Chunkz and Randolph are working with Rockstar Energy to spotlight their hustle, journey and motivation – taking their fans back to where it all began.

Chunkz has shared some of his key ‘hustle’ moments and highlights – including parts of his fitness journey, behind the scenes of his music video, his move to the Beta Squad house and meeting the boxing legend Tyson Fury. 

Randolph took his fans back to where his passion and inspiration for music started, in his old school and hometown. For Randolph, his love for music originated early on and, at school, he was writing lyrics and playing with the keyboards at every opportunity. Randolph had some advice for anyone wanting to pursue their dreams, saying that “you have to completely engross yourself in what you wanna do”. With hard work, dedication, practice and by staying true to yourself, “you can do anything”.

Over the next couple of months, Chunkz and Randolph will be sharing what fuels their hustle, from humble beginnings to growing an audience of millions. 



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