The Sidemen partner with popular brand McDonalds.

The UK’s biggest YouTube group and Uploads talent, The Sidemen, have recently partnered with McDonald’s on their latest summer campaign!

The campaign launched on the 6th of June and is to be supported by The Sidemen alongside digital and radioactivity.

The campaign partnership includes multiple integrations on the group’s YouTube channels and Instagram stories.

One of the Instagram Story campaigns called The Sidemenu involved four members of the group going up against each other to win the best menu. Harry versus Josh and Vik versus Ethan. Each member chose their top five favourite items from the McDonalds menu, and battled against each other, asking fans/followers to vote for the best selection. The campaign involved using Instagram stories and tools, including the poll tool and swipe up link to decide the winners. Vik and Harry came out on top. See images from the campaign below.

Read more about the McDonalds x Sidemen campaign here –

We are passionate about providing our talent with amazing opportunities to partner with popular brands.

The Sidemen –



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