TwoSync x Sneak Energy

TwoSync – Sneak Energy

Sneak Energy create sugar-free energy drinks with natural colours and flavours. The company has grown a loyal following in the gaming and creative industry. “We inspire ambition, push boundaries in the gaming and creative industries and to unlock your full potential, with an injection of energy along the way.” (SneakEnergy 2021).

Most recently the brand partnered with the gaming duo TwoSync, becoming their main sponsors. Both members of TwoSync, Matt and Chris, focus a good proportion of their content around the game FIFA and strive to produce daily FIFA Ultimate Team Videos which includes pack opening videos with squad builders and more.

The duo have over 1.5M YouTube subscribers, and over 700million combined views, so it’s fair to say that they are one of the biggest channels in their niche.

TwoSync have partnered with Sneak Energy



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