Upload Merchandise appoint Jay Swingler and Jake Briggs as Executive Directors

Southampton — 04/02/2019 09:00am — Today, Upload Merchandise Ltd can confirm that Jay Swingler and Jake Briggs have joined Upload Merchandise as Executive Directors, also acquiring 49% of the business.

Upload Merchandise is the sister company to Upload Agency and Upload Events, offering YouTubers and Social Influencers a full-service merchandise solution, based from our Hampshire headquarters.

Founder and Managing Director Stuart Jones commented: “I’m really excited to start working with Jay and Jake and help grow Upload Merchandise in to the leading Merchandise service for influencers globally. Jay and Jake bring a wealth of experience, having developed the ‘Childish’ brand, which is one of the largest influencer merchandise brands ever to have been launched.

“The Upload brand has always been about offering YouTubers the best and most trustworthy service out there, which is why all of our companies have YouTubers appointed as Executive Directors and with equity in the company. It’s vital we have their expertise within the business so we can be sure that the service we are offering influencers is the best out there and one that they can trust.”

Jake Briggs said: “It’s really exciting to join the talented team at Upload Merchandise and position the company to become the premium provider of merchandise for top talent around the world. By building the best technology and providing the best service to our clients and customers, we will be able to focus on improving the industry as a whole.”

Jay Swingler commented: “This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of because I get to finally take my levels of experience within designing products to a different kind of level. It’s time to change the way merchandise is created as a whole, by offering the most efficient & trust worthy process there is out there.”

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Press Contact Email – Info@UploadAgency.com

About Stuart Jones: Stuart has been involved in the influencer industry for several years and has developed the Upload brand to one of the most recognisable in the world. Prior to forming Upload Agency in 2015, Stuart was Head of Sales for Multiplay – organisers of the Insomnia Gaming Festival, where he built up many good relationships with some of the leading influencers in the UK and USA.

Upload Agency was formed in 2015, firstly as the business management team for The Sidemen and since then has evolved to be the leading management agency looking after Sports, Lifestyle and Comedy channels to a primarily male audience between the ages of 14 and 24.

Stuart is also the co-founder of Upload Events which have staged some of the biggest events ever held, including Sidemen FC v YouTube Allstars, Upload Event as well as Stuart being the Promoter for KSI v Joe Weller and KSI v Logan Paul.

Upload Merchandise was formed by Stuart in 2016 and since then has worked with many influencer merchandise brands, including Sidemen Clothing, Joe Weller, TGF, JMX, Burnt Chip and many more.

About Jake Briggs: Jake has been involved in several business ventures since he was a teenager. With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in technology and management, he leads development projects for brands like M&S who currently have his apps deployed on the app store. In partnership with Jay Swingler, he launched a mobile game studio which has had 3 #1 games on the app store. He entered the influencer space as a video creator for Machinima at age 14 and by age 17 decided to set up his own YouTube Network, Acifin, with a thirst to provide a better service and give more power to creators. Today that network serves thousands of influencers worldwide such as TGF, who have received network and management services from Acifin for 4 years.

Jake project managed the recent TGF merchandise sale from their ‘Childish’ collection, providing an end-to-end solution which fixed the issues they had been facing with rogue manufactures and expensive costs, saving them 50% of the amount they were due to pay, while increasing the quality of the hoodies to high-end 100% Cotton which was custom cut and sew and stitched together from balls of yarn, to TGF’s custom specification. Jake has brought his experience with material sourcing, manufacture and logistics to Upload Merchandise as a new Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.

About Jay Swingler: Jay began making YouTube videos with his partner Romell back in 2012, forming the now famous duo TGF. Although it took them some time to find success, it didn’t take much longer before they became a sensation around the entire UK. Jay’s focus on quality over quantity in all aspects of his work have allowed him to keep up momentum and build brands that he is proud of. By focussing on providing quality content, scrapping hundreds videos that didn’t come up to scratch and turning down hundreds of thousands of pounds in advertising deals, Jay has become known for his high standards for himself, his content and his own integrity. He is a massive people-pleaser when I comes to his fans and wants to provide them with the TGF experience in every aspect possible. From inviting fans to play hide and seek with him in Birmingham, causing a riot that made the news only a week after he made international headlines for a stunt with a microwave, to inventing his own card game, to launching a game studio and developing a huge TGF video game that is as of yet unreleased, his fans really do get it all.

Through his career as a YouTuber, Jay has been able to establish his own clothing brand ‘Childish’, which has recognition from celebrities and fans all over the world. It became one of the only influencer merchandise brands that fans are proud to wear in public in mass. They have become somewhat a token of honour. Jay brings his experience in establishing a strong brand to Upload Merchandise to the benefit of all of our top clients. Together, we will make waves in the merchandise industry that will change the way influencers and fans see merchandise forever. Jay has joined the team as a new Executive Director.

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