Willne and Behzinga take on the Bud Light Boxheads Challenge

Willne and Behzinga recently took part in the Bud Light Boxheads challenge!

The pair were tasked with performing as many keepie uppies as possible with the Bud Light Boxhead’s box on their heads. The only rule…the box must stay on the participants head whilst attempting the challenge…sounds simple right? Neither of the guys managed to beat the current record of 7 keepie uppies set by Kyle Walker. Willne scored a solid 4, closely followed by Behzinga scoring 3.

This week, both creators filmed and posted their attempts on Instagram, these reels can be viewed via the following links… https://www.instagram.com/reel/CPoBQ3VBMxQ/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6KIPQKGpj/ 

How many could you get?

(Both images are from Instagram 2021)



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Willne and Behzinga take on the Bud Light Boxheads Challenge

Ethan Behzinga and Willne take on the Buddlight Boxheads challenge this week. The current highscore is a solid 7 held by Kyle Walker, will the guys manage to beat his score?

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