The Sidemen are the UK's biggest group of YouTubers made up of KSI, Wroe2shaw, Vikkstar, Harry Lewis, Zerkaa, tobjizzle, Ethan Payne and Miniminter. The Sidemen are friends with Calfreezy, Kon, Burnt Chip and many other youtubers.


The Sidemen – A phenomenon by any measure. Considered the GOATs of YouTube, they are the UK’s biggest and most engaged group with combined views now running well into the billions. They have over 17 million subscribers on their YouTube channel alone, and a combined subscriber count of over 50 million.  

The group is made up of 7 YouTubers, KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Tobjizzle, Wroetoshaw, Behzinga and Vikstarr. The group has been together for 8 years and still post regularly, engaging and interacting with their fans weekly. The Sidemen channel is their main hub, where they post weekly videos called #SidemenSundays. 

The group streamed the whole “Sidemen vs YouTube Allstars’ charity football series” on their Youtube Channel. In the series, the group played three games, winning two of their games. The group’s most popular video got 69million views –

The Sidemen are an incredibly innovative and inspiring group, growing and improving alongside the platform. 


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MoreSidemen is The Sidemen's second channel. The YouTube group, made up of creators KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Tobjizzle, Wroetoshaw, Behzinga and Vikstarr.





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