We are Upload Agency

A Talent Management & Brand Development agency, based in the UK and looking after some of the most influential people on the planet today.


A platform to promote your products and services to a responsive audience


Upload Merchandise

Quality clothing for YouTubers & Social Influencers


Events Management

We are the event management company responsible for some of the largest YouTuber fan events in the World


We work with some of the largest influencers in the world, responsible for hundreds of millions of views every month.We connect them with brands who are clever about their communications and together we produce campaigns that speak directly to their shared audiences and resonate perfectly on-brand.

Brands we have worked with

Brands who have trusted Upload Agency with their influencer marketing campaigns

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I will be in LA from Thursday for a couple of weeks, if anyone wants to know about @UploadAgency, whether it be Talent Management, Influencer Marketing, On Demand Merchandise or Events, let me know.

I’ve been known to get the beers in. 🍺

Pleased to have joined @UploadAgency this week. Huge plans for next year and beyond. 🙌🏻

Hypothetically speaking... would people be interested in a YouTuber version of @imacelebrity ? 🤔

Asking for a friend... 👀

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