Whatever stage you’re at as a social influencer, we can help. Upload helps YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters, presenters and other online personalities with day-to-day business management and brand development. So, you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Creating.

What we do


and logistics

We understand that the less time you spend on the logistics of running your business, the more time you can devote to engaging and growing your audience of loyal followers. So, we help with:



Invoicing and credit control

Tax advice


Business development

Travel planning

Event planning and brand liaison

Brand and

business development

Your brand is everything, and we take a business like approach to ensuring it reaches its full potential. Upload Agency can help you in all aspects of developing your personal brand, from  collaborating with other influencers and building your social media plan to aligning with the right lifestyle brands and even creating your own merchandise range. You may just want advice on how to be more media friendly. We’re experts at this and we’re on hand to help you as you grow.



Got an idea for an event? Upload Events can take care of it from start to finish. We have years of experience in planning and running all kinds of events, from small meet and greets where you engage with your fans, to VIP parties right through to large conventions and football matches attended by over 26,000 fans.

Video location


When it comes to filming locations, it really does pay to know the right people. Upload can get you access to a specific football pitch, the run of a go-karting track or precious time at any other shoot venues you can dream up. We often secure free shooting access too. Just run your idea past us and we’ll see what we can do.



If you have any current commercial agreements or partnerships, Upload Agency can take care of it all for you. Whether it’s checking through contractual terms on your behalf, linking you up with new brand partnerships or renweing any current deals, that’s what we’re here for.



Life as an Influencer is busy. We know. That’s why, if you work with Upload Agency, we’ll take care of your diary management for you. We even give you the option to look after your business emails. Leaving you more time for the serious business of uploading content and interacting with your fanbase.

Upload Agency began life in 2015 as the business management team for the Sidemen. We helped build their brand and grow them into the largest YouTuber group in the UK. So you could say we started at the top. Sidemen KSI, Miniminter, Wroetoshaw, Zerkaa and Vikkstar have since become Upload shareholders – and together we launched Upload Events.

Leading brands we’ve partnered with

What our influencers say

“Upload agency have always been fantastic to work with. They have a great understanding of what creators want and put our needs first. I know I can trust their judgement and feel very content with them guiding my career.”


Ready to create your own merchandise?

We can help you to create quality, personalised products for worldwide shipping to your fans.

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